• Objective– To showcase that diesel automobile can be powered fully/partially by an alternate eco-friendly fuel- biodiesel blend without any modifications to the existing engine. This is  in  line with the  ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ initiated by Government of India.

With about 50 cars expected to participate in Eco Driveathon 2017, this is the first of its kind in India aiming at bringing awareness in the society as well as promoting mobility on eco-friendly fuels for a clean and green future, thereby, reducing harmful atmospheric emissions and also providing an alternate solution for an impending fossil fuel crisis.

Download the event documents here:

Why Biodiesel Drive?

India is one of the largest markets for automobile makers, which includes both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. What is prominently noticeable is an exponential increase in the pollution level in the last 2 years which has resulted in drastic climate change. Further, the levels of particulate matter namely PM 2.5 and PM10 (Air-borne particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter and 10 micrometers in diameter) as well as concentration of dangerous acid rain causing substances such as sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) have reached alarming concentrations in most Indian cities, thereby, people are prone to respiratory diseases and other health problems.

At CIIRC, we are committed to the control and mitigation of atmospheric pollution. Use of eco-friendly fuels (produced at CIIRC), to power automobiles towards a greener tomorrow through Eco Driveathon 2017 is a unique enterprise by CIIRC in line with “Swacch Bharath Abhiyan” and “Make in India” initiatives of Government of India. In this regard, CIIRC would like to establish partnerships with organizations that promote environmental consciousness and support.

We write to you seeking a partnership that would project your esteemed company/organization that supports initiatives for cleaner and greener environment. We believe that this partnership will lead towards a sustainable society and look forward for your staunch support.

Event concept

One of our cars, a Ford Figo 1.4 TDCI has already covered around 40,000 km powered by different biodiesel blends. CIIRC created a history by being the first organization in the country to flag off as a setter car in the Asia Pacific Rally Championships (APRC)-Coffee day event using the biodiesel blended Ford Figo.

The CIIRC Biodiesel car used as a SETTER car in the APRC Event 2016 – Chikkamagaluru

CIIRC under its green initiative proposes to undertake ECO-DRIVEATHON from Bengaluru to Sringeri and back from 17th to 19th of February 2017. The green initiative would involve a specific theme in which the participants would use biodiesel in a range of blends to run their vehicles. In light of the same, we kindly request you to consider your active participation in the event coupled with sponsorship support.

Event features

  • 670 km distance coverage from Bengaluru to Sringeri and back in a time frame of 3 days.
  • Inauguration and Event flag off at CIIRC- Jyothy Institute of Technology by Sponsors, CIIRC officials and other stakeholders.
  • All participants will be provided with biodiesel blends by the organizers.

Event challenges

  • Biodiesel blend
  • Time
  • Terrain
  • Bio diesel Sapling Planting and Quiz

Biodiesel blend: Biodiesel would be sourced from the Biodiesel Association of India and would conform to BIS

15607:2016. The participants are free to choose the biodiesel blend during the time of registration (Biodiesel blends of 10%, 20% and 30%). The participants must carry minimum petroleum diesel in the fuel tank (sufficient enough to drive to CIIRC for the flag off on Day 1) so that the fuel tank can be filled with blended fuel (selected by the participants) by the organizers at CIIRC.

Time: The participating teams are supposed to pass through the six check points along the route within the prescribed time only, failing which points will be deducted. All the vehicles participating in the driveathon should strictly follow the speed limit between two check points at any point of time. The speed limit and the check points will be included in the Rule book that will be provided to the participants at the onset of the event.

Terrain:  The  cars  would  drive  across  highways,  hilly  sections  and  valleys,  thus  putting  to  test  the  cars’ performance on such terrains.

Bio diesel Sapling Planting & Quiz: The participants will also be asked to plant saplings of different species in a specific time interval at the Hassan Bio Fuel Park and also participate in a quiz at Sringeri based on a talk given by members and also on general knowledge pertaining to climate and bio fuels.

Activity split up:

17th February 2017: Event flag off and participant teams will travel in the prescribed route passing through the check points and will reach Sringeri in the evening.

18th   February  2017:  Ecofriendly  activity  involving  planting  of  biodiesel  yielding  saplings  such  as Pongamiapinnata and Madhukaindica; visit to Sirimane falls and cultural program.

19th  February 2017: Flag off at Sringeri for the return leg and the participants will travel back to CIIRC through prescribed routes and check points followed by event closure.

  • Awards

1st prize–  Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Award– INR 70,000 (B30) / INR 60,000 (B20) / INR 50,000 (B10)

2nd prize– Smt. SaalumaradaThimakka Award – INR 50,000 (B30) / INR 40,000 (B20) / NR 30,000 (B10)


Participation Certificates will be given to all the participants at the end of the event at CIIRC.

Grading system

Prizes will be awarded based on the points accrued for time, planting of the saplings at Hasaan and quiz at Sringeri by the participants.

Who can participate?

Any individual who can drive a diesel car of engine cubic capacity max 2.6L can participate and it is mandatory that the person who is driving the vehicle holds a valid driver’s license; the vehicle must have all valid documents given by RTO and the manufacturer.


  • A DIESEL car with comprehensive insurance
  • Valid ID documents

Registration fee : INR 6,000/-   per team of maximum two members which includes fuel for round trip, accommodation for 2days at Sringeri and food during the event. All participants will be provided with Event briefing, Rule book and Safety book at the time of registration.

Eco-Driveathon dates: The event is organized on the 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2017.

Pre driveathon briefing and media relations: The pre driveathon launch will be planned tentatively a day or two before the event where complete briefing will be done in both electronic and print media.

Download the event documents here:




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